Smartphone – How to Survive and Grow in Today’s Business Competition? Part 3

Have Your Mobile Office App to Support Your Document Handling

Office applications have been unavoidable in your daily business activities. You should type a sales letter, perform calculation and pivoting data, make a sales presentation, and share documents with your colleagues. Computer has provided you wonderful apps to do those things. However, today’s business trend requires you to be able to create and edit docs while you are not in front of your computer. This is an area where smartphone with its office apps and features will change the way you manage your business.

Recent release of almost smartphones will allow you to open any document in format of Word, Excel or even Google Docs. For a mobile sales professional, that is surely the good news. Perhaps your sales support sends you a sales contract while you are away from your computer, in this case your smartphone will allow you to open the doc and check its validity. However, editing these docs using smartphone is entirely another thing. It is the small dimension of your smartphone that makes it difficult to type any significantly long text. Making smalls edits, however, can be performed, but you should be aware of your formatting as well. Another amazing thing is that you can print your docs using smartphone. In order to do this, you will need to be in a network connection and utilize a mobile access printer or Bluetooth.

Also, you can share your docs in an online server so that your colleagues can view, download, and work in the same working area. The application will save your valuable time and resources just to enable you work together. In order to accomplish this goal, you should find better and faster internet access.

The manufacturers of smartphones will keep continue to do research and development in how to bring faster and better internet access in their products. Regarding this current situation, the ability to visit your client wherever they are should no longer be a serious issue. In fact, current smartphone is perhaps faster than your laptop in many terms such as internet access. The company has equipped their gadget with more capable and faster mobile networks. You can download your docs from the online server and make small edits here and there, and share them again in the server.  The only downside of smartphone in working with docs is small in nature.

Keep Your Enterprise Data Safe from Any Hackers

In today’s business, data burglary is common practice. For enterprise which records tremendous success, they must be prepared to prevent any theft that is aimed to hijack your recipes for being triumph in the market. The safest way, of course, is keeping the data yourself. However, this option seems impossible regarding the needs to work with several people while keeping mobility.

The needs for sales people to keep mobile for client visit will emerge the needs to have proper mobile security box for your confidential data. Your smartphone is an option to do so. As you keep the data in your smartphone, and bring it mobile with you, you have reduced the risks of data leak. Be sure you apply a secured password to minimize others from looking into the inside of your smartphone. You should not leave your smartphone lying about. Thieves are seeking opportunities to transfer your information and use it for their own sake.

The tip is that you should keep a frequent back up to prevent any risks of loss. Be sure you do not click any unfamiliar links that are likely to bring harmful to your data. You should be aware of some malicious spyware widely found in the internet. Turning off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi while you are not using them is good to keep data security from phishing. You also should be aware of the source of your downloaded apps. Spyware and malware can act in a very tricky way. They may look real app.

As you utilize joint server, you also have to keep the password as confidential issue. The same tips as above should apply to prevent and maintain your security system working optimally. Joint server will serve better to create the same working area among people who are required to keep mobile. There are some reliable servers so that you can save your docs and data safely.  Using this option, you will have the opportunities to organize people who can access to your server. The security issues are usually handled by the server provider very well. With some amount of money you should pay, the server will set security parameter to protect your data.

Using this option of joint server, you can easily share your data securely. The good news is you can access your docs and data everywhere. This will support your mobility to higher level.

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