Smartphone – How to Survive and Grow in Today’s Business Competition? Part 1

This article is dedicated to explore the connection between a smartphone, in this case, with all features it offers, and the way enterprise manages its business. In order to answer the title question, we should first take a look into the real condition of current business. Then, we can predict what features of smartphone from certain brand may support the way we conduct the business.

You may realize what is booming and becomes almost unavoidable in your daily life. Yes, it is your mobile phone. You do not need thorough examination to tell that cell phone from numerous different brands are there in your favorite TV shows, on your daily newspaper and magazine, and on a shiny billboard on a downtown road.

With such a great and tremendous effort from the company to campaign what the cell phone can do, mobile phone gradually takes its part in the heart of massive people and start to bring great impact on their daily lifestyle and habits.

Meanwhile, people do business as one of their tools to bring their existence and define their meaning. Business itself is growing, and will always keep growing. It will change as a response to people that run the business, natural resources that supply raw materials, the market that becomes a place to sell the finished goods, and the technology that keeps advanced to sustain the system of business. It is technology that certainly change the way people conduct their business. For a simple instance, look how your grandfather attempted to sell his old bicycle around thirty or fifty years ago. He went to a market in order to meet a buyer, quoted a price, negotiated terms and conditions, and made a deal. That was a common transaction for your grandfather and his era. You certainly are living in different era. Nowadays the advance in technology enables you to sell your items from remote distance. You now can go to eBay or Amazon to make a transaction without any necessary to meet your buyer or seller.

And, now you can do more with your mobile phone in the way you conduct your business. This article will be organized in such a way so that you can comprehend how mobility, which is widely represented by popular smartphone such as iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry, can affect the way enterprise conducts their business and secure their corporate asset.

First you will have a brief description on the current market condition that demands you to keep high level of mobility. The next thing is that you should know the features that a smartphone offers to support your business survive in nowadays tight competition. This article will also be equipped with some useful tips to maximize your smartphone for maximum support to your business. The conclusion of all this matter will be presented in the last page of this article.

Today’s Business Condition and Market Competition Require Enterprises to React Quickly to Serve Customers and Anticipate Changes.

The advances in technology have absolutely changed contemporary market condition. When we used to set geographical boundaries as a limit to market our products and services, today we have more options to sell them in all over the world. Even, you can do this way. You can purchase your raw materials in China where there are abundant resources sold in reasonable prices, then assembly them in Vietnam where the human resources and labor prices are quite affordable, and sell the finished goods in Middle East, while you are sitting in front of your desk at home at shiny California beach.

The condition will also increase the level of competition among enterprises. Not only they compete with local contenders, but also they will face hard challenge from rivals all around the worlds. As the consumers have more options for the goods they demand, the enterprises have no other ways but to improve their level of service quality to the consumers. Once they fail to fulfill what consumers want, they should be prepared to face tremendous lost in terms of sales and reputation.

Technology also brings significant impact to consumers’ habit in their efforts to fulfill their needs. While a decade ago, they still had limited access to resources and suppliers of goods. Now, technology, in particularly internet, has provided quick access for consumers to have more options for the things they want. Consumers are able to search everything over the internet and compare similar goods from different brands and manufacturers. Internet will offer valuable review of the goods and services. They can compare features, prices, pros and cons, and consumers’ feedback to the goods.

The popularity of social media also enables consumers to spread what they think about certain products they have experience with. They may feedback their pros rewarding the brand and manufacturer a positive word of mouth campaign. On the other hand, while consumers think that they have spent their money for nothing, a negative buzz will spread in the matter of seconds. This social media has now become an effective tool to market and promote products and services to a limitless market.

Regarding this condition, consumers always demand for better service quality. Quick response to any inquiry that comes to your inbox or customer service is necessary to provide excellent service. This is an area where a smartphone will serve a great help to your enterprise in efforts to survive and keep growing.

In the next part of my blog, I would share about some features that a smartphone can offer and help you to run your business.