Smartphone – How to Survive and Grow in Today’s Business Competition? Part 2

Features of Smartphone Will Serve a Great Help for Professional Businessman to Keep in Touch with the Customers

Without any referral to certain brands of smartphones, this article will share you some features, which are common in any recent release of smartphones, and how they may help you to run your business. This will also give you some insights on how to find out what smartphone may be suitable for your business activity. You can check and compare certain brands in terms of these features mainly. Then, you can minimize in wasting your money and your business still runs well.

We are going to elaborate some outstanding features that can help your people to run the business better in efforts to anticipate the consumers’ new habit in making a purchase of certain products. The features will include:

  1. Cameras
  2. Better Connectivity
  3. Dealing with Documents
  4. Data Security

Those mentioned above are some areas in which a smartphone will be certainly a help for an enterprise to compete with others in such a tight market share. People who work in sales area should benefit from features of smartphone. The better they utilize the gadget the more they are likely to receive optimum outcomes. Some say, ‘those who hold technology on their hand will gain control over the market.’

Have a Real Time Conversation with Your Consumers Everywhere

Cameras are a standard feature in current release of smartphone. However, this feature will be great to serve you to have a quick access to communicate with your people or consumers. This is certainly a nice feature for the mobile sales professional. In case you have an urgent order and need to contact your factory, you do not have to wait any longer to coordinate with them to speak of the order you generate. The faster you inform them to finish the order, the more money you will generate. You can perfectly utilize the camera feature to have video conference instantly. For an updated release of smartphone, the image quality should be no problem to conduct video conference in a real time. The good thing is you do not have to go back to your office just to send the good news. In order to increase sales productivity, the less time you are in the office, the better sales opportunity you will have.

Also, you can utilize this camera feature to give useful information about your product in the market. As a salesperson and support representatives, you will need to inspect your market and how the progress of product there. In case you realize a defect found in your product after launched to the market, you can snap a picture or shoot a video on the defect and send it directly to your factory support. Quick action should be taken so that you can give options to your customers whether you should pay immense dividends or agree returnable platform in order to keep higher productivity and customer satisfaction.

The camera feature should be common and the qualification will be sufficient to perform clear video conference and to capture detailed images. The tip is that you should have a smartphone that offers higher resolution with adjustable settings.

Better Connectivity Will Ensure Your Enterprise to be at the Heart of Your Customers

Today’s business condition will require you to make frequent visit your client’s office for a presentation of your products or services. This article will say ‘the more you can connect, the better preparation you have.’  There are lots of outstanding features you can find to ensure better connectivity during your crucial presentation. There is a popular brand which equips its handset with new connection to HDTV, which will help you to display any app on a big screen. With a reliable handset, you can now mirror what is inside your smartphone, including your presentation materials, to what your clients see on the screen. Your clients will have better view of websites, videos, pictures, PDFs, and any other sales collateral in order to help illustrate products and services in a negotiating and selling situation.

You can also have wireless technology feature that will enhance the functionality to stream videos and photos. This will improve the capabilities when you are trying to negotiate and sell your products or services. You are now having possibilities to make a presentation in which you can perform wireless in front of your clients.

Better connectivity also means that your smartphone will be an integral part of your sales and marketing tools. You can now chat with your customers in a real time with your smartphone. Not only does this practice cut your budget for communication, but also it ensures your customers receive prompt feedback from you. You can also utilize e-mail and social media in much better ways with your smartphone.

You surely have to utilize these features of web connection such as chatting, emails, and social media to deliver excellent services to your customers. You should be able to maintain your proximity to your valuable customers. You can update recent release of your products directly from your smartphone.

The crucial point is that you can anticipate any negative buzz that commonly spreads via social media. You can prepare proper counter in a matter of seconds if you stay connected. Think of how your business will ruin if you fail to prevent the negative buzz. Reputation is the biggest asset of an enterprise. Don’t let it ruin.

In my final of this article, I will be continuing on the other 2 features of a smartphone that are instrumental to enterprises that want to have the competitive edge against its’ rivals.