Everyone Hacks Everyone – Not Just China

Everyone Hack Everyone

Everyone Hack Everyone

Recently , China has been involved in an awful lot of security hacking incidents recently, from the New York Times scandal all the way up to the recent revelations about military hackers. So presumably when a new hacking incident happened, it does make some sense that people would point their fingers at  China. That’s understandable.

Declaring something in private conversation and publicly slamming down an accusation are two different things. Hot on the heels of the Apple’s announcement that it has been hacked. Many organization and media have jumped on the bandwagon of accusing China behind the attacks. Either implicitly or explicitly, everybody seems to be getting a kick out of the witch hunt game. The issue is this is not true, at least not entirely.

Truth to the matter, the incidents of Twitter , Facebook and Apple all seem to originated from Eastern Europe, not China.

Granted that it is unreasonable for people to instinctively point their fingers at China when they hear a high profile hacking incidents.  But the for all you know, everyone does it. The protestation that China doesn`t not actively engage in hacking and other forms of cyberwarfare are blatantly ridiculous. Of course, China will try to hack into other governments and foreign countries. But here’s the catch, everyone is trying to hack into everyone. It is navie to even fathom the thought that China is a goody two shoes that they never try to hack into other people’s backyard. Same goes to the people who cried foul.

In this day and age, there is simply no way that any country big enough to have its own intelligence agency does not also have government-funded hacking genius looking to process valuable intelligence any number of means, including hacking

Either way, let’s all not to jump to the conclusion that it is China the next time you hear a hacking story. Or, if you do jump to a conclusion, at least be partial and be objective about the whole matter.