DDOS attacks for rent , USD 9 per hour. Interested?

Hong Kong Stock Exchange was attacked on 10 Aug  and this comes not long after Zimbabwe stock exchange was attacked in early August. According to news sources, Hong Kong Stock Exchange attack was a “coordinated and sustained” DDOS attacks and it continued till the next day while the exchange was scrambling to contain and mitigate the influx of traffics on the exchange’s website.

The denial-of-service attacks were coming from a  large botnet made up of PCs from around the world, the majority of which were based outside of Hong Kong, according to HKEx. Although, a man was later arrested but the damage was already done.


Based on an experiment conducted by researchers from VeriSign’s iDefense Intelligence Operations Team, involving 25 different “rent a botnet” underground marketplace propositions, they were able to conclude that the average price for renting a botnet is $67 for 24 hours, and $9 for hourly access. With the easy access to outsource this service, anyone can just rent a service and launch an attack on the targets. These could be disgruntled employee seeking justice, competitors trying to disrupt the competitors’ business etc.

In the face of DDOS attack, many organization or government agencies are left defenseless against this attacks. Like sitting ducks waiting for the predators to pounce on them. It all looks gloomy and grey. Perimeter defense is no longer enough. Telco’s capabilities to mitigate a large surge of traffics in the range of millions of packets are limited.

USD 9 /hr DDOS for rent? Any takers?