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Always Be Digitally Personal




Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

We all know that digital transformation is here, staring right through those penetrating lens, but what next? What should businesses do to embrace this change and gain that competitive advantage?

The future is about getting personal. The ability to know who your customer is the moment they walked into the store; anticipate their individual desires; send a personalised message with a real time offer that has been personalised for them; and assist them in their shopping journey, the way they want, wherever they are, however they choose.

It is not difficult to notice that there is a discernible shift in focus from driving content to digital devices to looking at people who use them, when they use them and how they use them. Harnessing data we collect through multiple touch-points, not merely to analyse and fine tune engagement campaigns but to build a mutually valuable relationship.

According to Forrester, China will be the epicentre of this digital innovation. Fuelled by its massive digital population, a lack of legacy approaches and well funded digital behemoths, China is set to become the world’s largest e-commerce market with $315.3 billion in online sales (B2B and C2C). The other powerhouse India government is pumping $17 billion to transform the national into a “Digital India” which is slated for completion by 2019. These are testament that digitalization trend is and will be engulfing every aspect of our lives, personal and business wise.

The ability to recognise a customer and understand their history on every channel in which we meet them. Be it, a sales co-worker at the counter or within the digital ecosystem.  Delivering personalised offers and content in all channels and understanding people’s desires and proactively support their desires and needs.

Our future customers expect to be in the driver’s seat at all times and that they can trust the data that we hold on them. We will lose people the moment they feel trust have been violated so we must always be clear that the relationship has to be built on trust and integrity of the business.

IT and their marketing peers need to work hand in hand and can no longer look at fragmented conflicting data in silos. We need to have the ability to collate and connect all the traces of data a customer leaves in their interactions in the digital ecosystem. This will require major investment in IT solutions, people and processes.

Building deep expertise in the area of analytics to plan and execute more personalised marketing and communication will be a significant competitive advantage for the business.

The new  industry buzzword now should be A.B.D.P. Always Be Digitally Personal.